Improving my writing with Writing 101

Prompt: 20 minutes of free writing
 Twist: Publish online with tag ‘writing101’
Today's Photo: (antithesis of) Current Mood

This Writing 101 project reminds me of something a friend quoted to me many years ago, on the subject of learning to draw.

“Everyone has 10,000 bad drawings in them. You simply need to keep chipping away at them”
– Someone

I expect that writing is the same. It feels like words used to come more easily to me in the past when I was an active student, but this might just be an old misperception from when I was a child.

If there’s one thing that I truly dislike about my present writing style, it’s my gratuitous overuse of commas and semicolons, as well as the fact that I use too many ‘I’ statements. There is one in nearly every sentence. I dislike the letter ‘I’. The damned thing creeps in everywhere. Nearly every line I write begins with ‘I’ or ‘It’.

Although it does help with being concise.

20 minutes of free writing seems like a lot, but fortunately (?) the apparent time has been greatly reduced by near constant interruptions.

Stream-of-consciousness text is weird.

Here are some of the things I did today:

  • Shook off hangover
  • Purchased large number of empty plastic boxes
  • Paired 100 socks
  • Experienced work-related ennui while on holiday
  • Correctly spelled ‘ennui’
  • Much coffee
  • Ran out of time