A dark image of two large rocks on the beach at night.

Day 5 – but I didn’t read the letter

I’m skipping this writing task. I tried a few permutations of the prompt, using different meanings of ‘letter’ and ‘path’. I tried to flesh out and define the task; working out whether or not the recipient had seen the letter yet or not, and so on. No possibilities emerged.

My guess is that the behaviour is alien to me. I wouldn’t pick up a letter I found in my path; nor would I read something written between two other people. That’s intrusive and rude, and besides, who knows what intent or secrets or misinformation could be layered into someone else’s writing, to be misread by a hapless third party?

I would discard it. Written words are not to be trusted.

The parameters for this writing task were:
 Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path.
 Twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – but I didn’t read the letter”

  1. Hey man – if you’re not feelin it that’s cool! I know what you mean – it would be very rude to read someone else’s correspondence

  2. Funny – I have been sent emails in error that looked personal, and I did not read them, and instead alerted the sender to the problem, and didn’t think twice about it. Letters, though – particularly lost ones, particularly between strangers – I don’t think I could resist. I would tell myself I was only reading it to find the clues I would need to get it back to its owner, but I’d be lying. Likely explanation: I am not a very nice person.

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